Business Cards: Make Them Good For Your Brand, Good For The Earth


Many small business owners wonder if they still need business cards, and the answer is: yes. But they don’t have to be boring. Here are 4 ways to make business cards good for your brand and good for the earth.

In a world where we often use social media, email and text to connect with our business partners and clients, lots of people wonder if that little piece of paper serves any purpose. We believe it does. And we think you should stop thinking about your business card as just a little piece of paper. In addition to your handshake and smile, your business card is one of the first impressions prospective customers or partners have of your brand. Everything from the font, color and texture represent you and your business, especially when the look and feel is cohesive with your Web site, social media pages and printed materials.

1. Stand out by keeping it simple


Sometimes simplicity is the loudest statement you can make. It’s tempting to throw every piece of personal information you can on your business card, but you don’t have to. Stick with your company logo, web site, your name, title, email and preferred phone number. It’s tempting to add your company and personal social media pages – we all love new followers – but that information is readily available by visiting your web site or searching you on LinkedIn. Or you can go extreme like Mama’s Sauce (one of Crystal’s all time favorite print shops) who only has their logo and email!

2. Consider the finish


There’s a time and place for gloss, but not always on a business card. A matte finish allows the recipient to feel the texture of the card, which can sometimes be more pleasant than a slick gloss surface and adds a bit of sophistication to the piece. Plus, most people make notes on business cards and few things are more annoying than writing on a glossy card. If you are really set on gloss, our local Cleveland-based printer, JakPrints offers a solution for you: appointment cards that allows for gloss on one side and a matte, writable surface on the other.

3. Check out cotton cards


Save a tree, print on cotton. Some paper manufacturers use cotton fibers to create their card stock, which means your cards will be tree free. Another perk is that the fibers, which are naturally white, need less chemical processing and create less waste during production. Check out the cotton cards from JukeBoxPrints which are also printed using plant-based biomass inks. Beautiful and eco-friendly, a win-win!

4. Go wild with a painted edge


Painted-edge business cards are trending because they give you a little pop of color while keeping the majority of your card clean and simple. At Wild Daughters, we decided to get fancy and offset the simplicity of our business cards with painted gold edges. Check out Oh Happy Day’s blog on how to create a striking DIY painted edge. Now that’s commitment!


  1. Vince Patrick


    I would like a quote on 2 sets of 500 business cards with the name and the background embossed like your sample photo with the cotton next to the cards.

    • Crystal Madrilejos

      Hi Vince – sent you an email with the details!


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