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After much discussion, planning, obsessing over a logo and a bit of dreaming, Crystal and I started Wild Daughters to offer design and marketing services to companies and organizations we admire and that are doing a bit of good in the world.

After a collective 20 years of marketing and design experience in the corporate world, we realized we could spend our time marketing and designing for anyone who needs our services (or will hire us), or we could spend our time, talent and experience helping the companies we really want to see succeed.

So, we started Wild Daughters to focus on helping the types of clients we’re hoping will make it big in this world – in our words, companies, products and organizations that are “good for the earth and good for the soul.”

That may include technology companies that supports sustainability, natural health and beauty products and products and organizations that better the community.

At the end of the day, we believe that through smart marketing and graceful design we can help bring these brands to life so they can fulfill their missions in our community and the world.

We’re still happily employed at a Cleveland-based technology startup, which we’re truly grateful for, but we consider it a privilege to be able to begin Wild Daughters and have the opportunity to chase a dream.

We’ll use this blog to write about marketing trends and best practices that benefit our clients and to share our story along the way.

In the meantime, please contact Wild Daughters if you’re in need of marketing or design services, or get to know us by checking out our bios.

We’ll be sharing portfolio work soon and spotlighting clients, so stay tuned!

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    Good luck!


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