Wild Daughters Update: A Year In The Making


A little more than a year ago, Crystal and I set off on the Wild Daughters journey. If our scarce blog posts are an indication of our schedules during the last year, it means we’ve been pretty busy! The marketer in me is scolding myself for letting content generation slide for this long. The new mom in me is groaning over the fact that I’m writing this when I have the opportunity to nap.

A lot has changed during the last year. Crystal and I both started new “office” jobs – at the same company, of course – in addition to continuing our Wild Daughters work. I had a kiddo, who has become the full-time boss of me, and Crystal and her family are in the process of converting their barn to a house. Her barn/ homestead project is very cool – and eco friendly – very Crystal.

Simultaneously, we’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with Wild Daughters clients and pursue our goal of using our experience to help brands that are good for the earth and good for the soul.