Wild Women: Rachel Lipson, Blue Balloon Songwriting for Small People


Introducing our first installment of the Wild Women series! We’re super excited to share Rachel’s story with you. I met Rachel many years ago while living in NYC. We were both playing music in the same scene and met through mutual friends. She is an extremely talented musician who started the Blue Balloon school in 2010 with the goal of teaching children how to play musical instruments though songwriting. Thanks, Rachel! (more…)

WD Presents Wild Women Series


Being that Wild Daughters is a two-woman show, Chrissy and I can’t help but reflect on how both our career paths benefitted from having strong women mentors. The lessons they taught us were invaluable, and we know there were so many more women out there with stories to tell, and guidance to give. The Wild Women series is our way of showcasing those we’ve met along the way that have inspired us and continue to motivate us with their amazing accomplishments, and feats of womanly wonder.


The Importance of Design for Your Small Business

The Importance of Design for Your Small Business

With the onset of desktop publishing, graphic design has become synonymous with any graphic made on a computer by anyone who has the tools to do it. On one hand, it’s a good thing. As a business owner, it puts graphic design at the forefront of your mind as something that is a necessary part of doing business. But on the other hand it adds a bit of confusion to what it is that graphic designers actually do and it’s made finding a reputable designer a bit harder. Not because reputable designers don’t exist, but because the value of what designers do has been diminished. Why pay good money for something that you could just do yourself, or get for super cheap, right? (more…)

Earth Day Should Be Every Day: Green Tips for Your Business


Though we think Earth Day should be every day, we also think Earth Day is a great way to recharge our motivation in approaching the way we live and work in a more sustainable and eco-conscious way. Think of it as a Green New Year’s Resolution! Since today is Earth Day, here are some green tips for businesses and ideas for ways we can all be more kind to this place we all call home. (more…)

What is Graphic Design? Not Just a Pretty Picture


Not Just Graphic Design

Back when I was at Parsons, a lot of emphasis was put on making sure that people understood exactly what it is that designers do. When the sole purpose of your profession is to communicate, your job title should do just that, and “graphic design” doesn’t do a great job at communicating that purpose, or at least it only tells part of the story. (more…)