How to Choose a Designer for Your Small Business

How to Hire a Designer for Your Small Business

Finding the right designer for your small business can be a daunting task. Maybe you’ve never worked with a professional designer before or maybe you have, and the experience made you reconsider working with one ever again. It seems that everyone these days has the tools to create a visual identity, but not everyone has the skills to use them and use them with purpose. Hiring a designer should be considered an investment in your business, so that means doing research and making sure they are the right fit. The right fit means they care about your small business and its success. They see themselves as part of your team and take your needs and concerns seriously. Here are a few things to consider when you are trying to choose a designer that’s not only a good fit for your team, but also one that has the skills and experience to deliver the results you are looking for: read more…

Business Cards: Make Them Good For Your Brand, Good For The Earth


Many small business owners wonder if they still need business cards, and the answer is: yes. But they don’t have to be boring. Here are 4 ways to make business cards good for your brand and good for the earth.

In a world where we often use social media, email and text to connect with our business partners and clients, lots of people wonder if that little piece of paper serves any purpose. We believe it does. read more…

Out of the Wild


After much discussion, planning, obsessing over a logo and a bit of dreaming, Crystal and I started Wild Daughters to offer design and marketing services to companies and organizations we admire and that are doing a bit of good in the world.

After a collective 20 years of marketing and design experience in the corporate world, we realized we could spend our time marketing and designing for anyone who needs our services (or will hire us), or we could spend our time, talent and experience helping the companies we really want to see succeed. read more…

About Wild Daughters

Wild Daughters is an integrated marketing and design studio that delivers marketing and brand strategy, content and creative with a focus on working with organizations and companies that are good for the earth and good for the soul.